Pagasa Steel - How to Order


Thank you for your interest in Pag-asa Steel!

To request a quote, please contact our Sales Department by emailing or call us at:

Pagasa Steel Phone Number Tel: (+632) 8-737-6300
Pagasa Steel Fax Number  Fax:(+632) 8-681-4601

To help us give an accurate quote, please provide the following information with your inquiry:

  1. Date of Inquiry

  2. Customer Information
    • Type of Customer (e.g., Developer, Contractor, Institution, Homeowner)
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Contact Person
    • Contact Person's Title
    • Contact Person's Telephone Number(s)
    • Contact Person's Fax Number
    • Contact Person's Email Address

  3. Project Information
    • Project Name (e.g., "Star Tower Condominium")
    • Project Type (e.g., Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Institutional)
    • Project Location (e.g., "123 Bituin St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig, Metro Manila")
    • Est. Total Project Timetable (e.g., "January to December 2022")

  4. Delivery Information
    • For Pick-up or Delivery
    • Delivery Location (if applicable and if different from project site)
    • Est. Delivery Period (e.g., "May to June 2022")

  5. Rebar Quantities Required
    • By Bar Grade(s)
    • By Size(s)
    • By Length(s) Per Size

  6. Other Special Requirements

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Bar (Rebar) Product Guide