Career at Pagasa Steel

Campus Recruiting


Opportunities are available all year-round for promising students looking for on-the-job training or apprenticeships.

We provide a professional learning environment for students to complement their classroom experiences. Interns will be assigned mentors and asked to complete at least one comprehensive research study or improvement project as part of their program.

Interns who excel may be shortlisted for full-time positions and extended job offers upon graduation.


Graduating students are also welcome to apply for our full-time entry-level positions, including Cadet Engineers or Management Trainees under our leadership development program.

This program allows fresh graduates to explore a variety of roles in our core operations, rotating through at least four of the following functions:

Cadet Engineers and Management Trainees who complete the rotation program may then progress to one of two career paths within the company, the technical or supervisory track.

Engineers at Pagasa Steel


We regularly participate in job fairs and other events at our partner institutions.

To request up-to-date information on our campus recruiting schedule and find out when we will be visiting your campus, please email us at .

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Pag-asa Steel welcomes individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our homegrown talent work alongside professionals who have joined us from industries as diverse as manufacturing, advertising, banking, consulting, mining, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors.

Our employees come from schools such as:

More important than educational background, we look for candidates with the right combination of talent, skills, and attitude, who will uphold Pag-asa Steel's proud tradition of quality service and reliable workmanship.

School Partners at Pagasa Steel