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First in Quality Since 1964

PAG-ASA STEEL WORKS, INC. (PSWI) has been producing the finest quality steel bars since 1964. Established by Mr. Francisco S. Tong, an industry pioneer whose work in the Philippine steel industry began in 1948, the company has built up a solid reputation for superior quality, excellent service, and competitive prices, and has grown into the leading producer of concrete-reinforcement steel bars in the Philippines today.

True to our commitment to nation-building and continuous service to the industry, our company has actively supplied rebar to some of the Philippines' most renowned landmarks. Our projects range from public infrastructure to private homes and affordable housing, from massive commercial and industrial projects to universities, churches, and museums. From high-rise buildings to bridges and aqueducts, vertical and horizontal structures around the archipelago contain PAG-ASA STEEL. Every delivery reflects the combined efforts of our experienced team, working together to meet the customer's demanding requirements.

The vision of a vibrant and competitive company - driven by excellence, nation-building, and making a real difference in the lives of Filipinos - remains fresh and relevant as ever.

Our Customers

Our partners in nation-building include developers, contractors, architects, civil engineers, homeowners, corporations, institutions, and the government - all of whom require materials that are strong, durable, and affordable. When it comes to steel, these builders know they have a steadfast ally in us.

Our Product

Our company produces an entire spectrum of rebar sizes ranging from 10mm to 50mm in diameter, with a selection of rebar lengths in 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m, 13.5m, and 15m.

Our rebars come in an array of grades for high, intermediate, and low-tensile specifications categorized as PNS Grade 550 / ASTM Grade 80, PNS Grade 520 / ASTM Grade 75, PNS Grade 420 / ASTM Grade 60, PNS Grade 280 / ASTM Grade 40, and PNS Grade 230 / ASTM Grade 33.

With its high tensile strength and yield point, excellent ductility, elongation and cold bend properties, our high tensile bar is the ideal and the preferred material of structural designers in an extremely earthquake-prone country like the Philippines.

For more information on our products and services, please see our products page.

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